The Dancing Floor

The Gundestrup Cauldron at The Celts exhibition

Blown away by The Celts exhibition at the British Museum?

Intrigued by the enigmas of the Gundestrup Cauldron? Enchanted by the spiral art of this ancient people?

You could be involved in a Welsh indie film with the same magic.

The Dancing Floor

The Dancing Floor sets a riddle:

How do we find 'what is lost'? How do we restore our connection with the creative, with the infinite possibilities of a human life? How do we find the path with heart in a world which drags us in the opposite direction?

The Answer …

comes to our heroine, Sita via a mysterious spiral pattern and the dance which brings it to life. Exploring a theme from a medieval story in the Mabinogion, The Dancing Floor brings alive ancient British culture in a film which shows that we all need to know where we come from and find away to go back there.

We have just been accredited as an SEIS company which means we can offer ‘the most generous tax breaks anywhere’ to anyone who wants to invest in a truly independent film which explores territory Hollywood will never cover. Find out about them here – it really is a good deal, as long as you pay tax. Our crowdfunding campaign gave us the funds to establish our company Shining Edge Films, work out a budget and create a prospectus and now we need investors to make this microbudget film happen.

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