The Dancing Floor

Sita must solve a pre-Celtic mystery in this bewitchingly atmospheric film shot in wintry Wales.


A Film with a riddle at its heart

The film sets a riddle: how do we find 'what is lost'? How do we restore our connection with the creative, with the infinite possibilities of a human life? How do we find the path with heart in a world which drags us in the opposite direction?

Our heroine Sita struggles with this dilemma, as we all do: she has grown up in Wales, under the wing of her Uncle Mal, a kind of wizard, speaking the language, absorbing the culture, at home in the landscape. But aged nine she is carted off to London by her ambitious doctor dad, and years later, when she comes back, after Uncle Mal has died, she has forgotten her Welsh self and the infinite magic of her early days. The film follows her struggle to come to terms with the mysterious tradition of the Children of Don, the race who, her uncle said, 'brought magic to these islands'.

The Dancing Floor is suffused with images from one of the most enigmatic stories in the Mabinogion, which tells how the virgin Arianrhod bears a child, how men can be turned into animals - and back again, and how the virgin's child becomes a miracle boy who is transformed into an eagle, eaten by a pig and finally restored by his uncle's love! It's also permeated by the strange sombre grandeur of the Welsh winter landscape - the bare trees, the dark hills, the glittering pools, including the pool outside my chapel.

To see the full 15 minute 'pilot' version of the film, click here.

My name is Lyn Webster Wilde and I am the writer and director of the film. I live in a chapel looking out on the Black Mountains of Wales. I have a passion for Celtic myth, for the Welsh language (been learning for four years now) and landscape and I want to share this with you in this film. Set here in the beautiful Welsh borders, it will be made largely by skilled local people, brought to life by Welsh actors and extras, including local children who will be performing part of the mysterious dance. There will be music specially composed by superb musicians, Gill Stevens and Dylan Fowler.

If you like the sound of this, then please join in and help us to say something crucial in today's overwhelmingly materialistic world: that there are 'more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,' and we need to pay attention to them! If you would like to contribute to our fund or help make the film in another way email

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