The Dancing Floor


The Dance

The fourth story in the Mabinogion is a mysterious tale which asks the question: how does something come out of nothing? In a covert and magical way the tale also answers this question, and our creation myth dance aims to reflect that. It also aims to make a direct link back to the world of our ‘dark age’ ancestors, their practices, lives and beliefs.

You’ll see the virgin goddess who steps over the rod and brings everything suddenly into being; the creatures who metamorphose from basic life forms into animals, humans, and eventually the gods and goddesses of the tale – Arianrhod, the warrior woman; Math, the magician king; Goewin, his priestess foot-holder; Gwydion, the consummate wizard; Blodeuwedd, the shape-changing enchantress and finally Gilfaethwy the crazy lover. And of course the Owl and the Eagle, and Lleu, the imperceptible ‘little something’ born of the virgin, who grows up to become the magical boy embodying the impossible miracle of life itself.

This dance comes from a mystery tradition which seeks ways to share a sense of what our more instinctive ancestors knew and which we have largely lost. Our song, sung by The Village Quire, begins: ‘something is lost…’ We hope in this dance you may find a way back to what you have lost, to the place where it all begins, where you can recall what you were before you were born – or at the very least a experience a fleeting taste of the eternal.




How does something come from nothing?