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Why invest in a film?

In 1979, when EMI withdrew its backing from Life of Brian, the Monty Python team were left in a fix. Then George Harrison agreed to provide the money - a sum of three million pounds. After a single reading of the script, he mortgaged his luxury mansion and sunk the resultant funds into the project. Why? "Because I liked the script and I wanted to see the movie," he said. It was later called “the most expensive cinema ticket ever issued.”

Indeed there is no guarantee that a film will make money, but with Video On Demand platforms proliferating, there are many new ways to get your film out there and make some money from it, and a very low budget film like ours has more chance of breaking even or making a profit than a so-called low budget film’ with a 1-3 million pound budget. But the main reason for investing in a film has to be that you want this film to be made. Before we can ask any lottery-funded film agency for money we need to show we already have some investment in place. This is where you can help.

Investing in The Dancing Floor

If the themes of The Dancing Floor are meaningful to you, if you want to see this independent Welsh film happen, you could become one of our ‘angels.’ For the tax-paying investor, this can be a rewarding and tax efficient proposition due to the generous tax benefits available through the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, intended to assist small, early-stage companies raise funds through individual investors. The Dancing Floor’s production company, Shining Edge Ltd, has obtained SEIS approval from HMRC. More information on the generous tax breaks available through SEIS is available here.

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More Than An Investor

If you decide to invest, you will be more than simply an investor, you will be a friend of the film. You will be invited to spend time on the film set, which will be an exciting and educational experience for you and family members. You will be kept informed of the progress of the funding campaign and filming schedule. Once the film is ready, you will be invited to special previews and showings to give feedback before the final cut, and then of course to the premiere!

Some investors have the potential to become even more involved in the production of the film, which is ideal for investors looking to build a profile or career in the UK Film Industry. Certain levels of investment will warrant an Executive Producer credit and your name will appear on the credits.

Even the red carpet may beckon. The success of The King's Speech at the Oscars was the crowning glory for a £10m investment that has taken more than £150m worldwide.

If you want to make an investment with which you can get personally involved in an intelligent and stimulating way, we would love to talk to you: email us at to arrange a meeting.

Or make a donation?

And of course, you can also simply give a donation to help us make the film. If you give any sum, from £5 upwards, you become a member of our film community and will be kept informed of progress, invited to events and, if you give over £25, we will send you either Lyn’s book or a CD of Dylan and Gill’s music. Contact us as above for bank details or postal address for cheques.

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